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Fiona Cousins

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Nurse, Midwife, Lactation Consultant
Fiona Cousins
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Striving for Excellence both professionally and personally

About Me

I am a Registered Midwife with over 25 years of experience, working with families, in both hospital and community settings. 

I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2001 and I have worked extensively with supporting and educating families on the topic of breastfeeding. 


My career began as a young student nurse, and it was during my training when I realized that midwifery was the perfect job for me: supporting, empowering and caring for women and their families during such an important time. 

For the past few years I have worked primarily with International and Expatriate communities in Belgium, where women often lack local support from family and friends. Establishing a trusting relationship, building confidence and offering help and encouragement can make a world of a difference and it's what I strive to do in my career as a midwife.



Working with Fiona throughout my postpartum journey was such a wonderful experience! As a newcomer to Belgium, without a grasp of the French language, Fiona‘s guidance was essential in helping navigate everything from cultural birthing norms to newborn administration and insurance questions. In particular, Fiona was extremely helpful in ensuing that my breastfeeding journey got off to a great start. She was available around the clock to help with my many questions and concerns and provided great techniques and outside resources. My postpartum experience would not have gone as calm and smoothly without all of Fiona’s guidance and support. I would be happy to speak with anyone who is considering working with Fiona in the future!

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